a1 Dehli Dumplings
a2 Rickshaw Bicycle
a3 Barber Shop
a4 Men reading the Newspapers
a5 Girl in new Delhi
a6 Street Dog
a7 Monkey on Car
a8 three young men
a9 Train Station
b1 men in the streets of New Delhi
b2 Tuktuk Drivers in Kerala
b3 busses in Kerala
b4 men infront of the railwaystation in New Delhi
b5 Men chilling at beach
b6 Policeman taking photo
b7 Passengers on a Train in India
b8 Passengers on a Train in India
b9 boy in train
c1 Men reading on Train
c2 Passengers on Train
c3 Hindustan Amassador car
c4 Police Man
c5 Palm trees
c6 Fishermen playing Cards
c7 girl standing at the beach in Varkala
c8 Motorbike on the Cliff, Varkala
c9 Fishermen at the Beach
d1 Fishing boat about to land
d2 Mussles Pickers on the rocks